San Jose: Record-breaking groundbreaking

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San Jose: Record-breaking groundbreaking This won't be just one symbolic shovel into the ground. No way, San Jose Earthquakes are going global with a record of over 5,000 people starting work on the new stadium on Sunday. And make no mistake, they don't mean construction workers – everyone's invited!


San Jose Earthquakes are next in line for a new stadium in the American MLS football league. And as the name suggests, the club are going to shake the ground more than all others. On Sunday morning they're starting construction works with a record-breaking number of participants.

Recently the club ran online registration to be sure that the standing record of 4,532 people gets beaten on Sunday. Registration list is now closed, but the event is clearly not as Earthquakes still encourage people from San Jose to take part. Except that those who didn't manage to register early enough will now need to bring their own shovel.

To make the groundbreaking ceremony in the Guinness Book of Records, all the gathered participants will have to dig for 2 minutes. Now, digging on Sunday morning (even if it's noon, actually) may be challenging for some, but as this short instruction film suggests, it doesn't really require all that much effort to make it count:

No matter what the outcome is from the Sunday event, Earthquakes don't depend on their fans when it comes to overall construction, obviously. Their new 18,000-seater will be delivered by Devcon Construction company after world-famous 360 Architecture took care of the design phase.