Russia: Samara looks for designers, stadium to cost $320 million

source:; author: michał

Russia: Samara looks for designers, stadium to cost $320 million The southern city of Samara is to announce pre-design tender soon for their 44,000 stadium. Future 2018 World Cup arena is expected to cost $320 million and its location has changed since the bid book sent to FIFA.


As RIA Novosti press agency reports, vice-governor Alexander Nefedov announced the future stadium for Samara is expected to cost RUB 10 billion or $320 million. This shouldn’t be treated as final or detailed amount as the project is in its earliest stage.

So far only the location is known as well as a masterplan for it. And surprisingly it’s not the same as was presented to FIFA in Russia’s bid book. New venue is now to be seated within the city fabric, on a southern peninsula. Before that it was planned in a rather remote location, on an island south of the new spot.

"We will announce a tender to undertake the pre-project documentation for the stadium bowl itself and the infrastructure, including access roads," the regional government quoted vice-governor Nefedov.

"The total amount of project work for the first stage will cost around 800 million rubles ($2.5 million)," he said.