Russia: Rostov to create a new heart for 2018


Russia: Rostov to create a new heart for 2018 Today the pulse of Rostov beats on the north bank of river Don. But with the new stadium planned to become first major project on the other side, authorities are hopeful to put some life into the almost pristine land.

Rostov’s new stadium planned for the 2018 World Cup will be a real breakthrough for the city and quite an attraction for tourists. Geographically it will lie in Asia, while the rest of Rostov – in Europe.

River Don is commonly recognized as the borderline and the 44,000-seater is to be the first large project built south of the river. Almost all settlements in Rostov are now located north of the venue which should not only increase attractiveness during the tournament, but also encourage the city’s expansion south.

Main architect of the Rostov Region Alexey Polyanski suggests the stadium will bring new quality to the southern side and improve its development. “Of course it won’t be the only building here. We’re planning to create a whole new centre for life in Rostov” Polyanski said, quoted by The Voice of Russia.

It was also announced that the stadium is now planned to be downscaled after the 2018 tournament to some 25,000.

Stadion Rostov

Stadion Rostov