Paris: Parc des Princes renovation to start in November

source:; author: michał

Paris: Parc des Princes renovation to start in November Works financed by Paris municipality are expected to start within a month. Next year the Qatari owners are to take over and start their redevelopment. Still, the stadium won't reach its desired capacity in time for Euro 2016.


Paris Sain-Germain and Paris mayor seem to have an understanding in the end. First works are to start in November, but won't be the ones PSG were awaiting most. Early phase, estimated to cost €20 million and to be paid for by the city, will include new installations, repairing the roof and sound insulation.

Qatar Sports Investment (QSI) is to take over with further works in late 2013. But this again won't be all that was expected. New seats, new skyboxes and new press section (all within €40-50 million paid by QSI) will be only an overture for a major overhaul which will not happen before Euro 2016.

It won't be until after the tournament that we'll see Parc des Princes reach 60,000 seats and get extensive sports/commercial infrastructure around it. International competition for the future venue should be announced in early 2013.