Munich: TSV will finally manage to escape from Allianz Arena?

source: DPA /; author: michał

Munich: TSV will finally manage to escape from Allianz Arena? Though it’s been a few years since such plans were announced, TSV1860’s attempts haven’t succeeded so far. Now club asks Munich authorities for permission to build a new ground far from the disliked Allianz Arena.


When Allianz Arena was built, it was to meet demands of both Bayern and TSV1860. But instead of meeting both, it doesn’t suit needs of any club. Bayern recently had to increase capacity and still has demand far exceeding the ground’s size. Meanwhile TSV barely sell one out of three seats at the stadium despite a decent start in 2006.

When TSV1860 moved in, they had average crowds of over 40,000. But then – as they returned to 2. Bundesliga – numbers started falling, reaching all-time low in 2011, with less than 20,000 per game. The club’s financial condition suffers from this situation and supporters of “The Lions” hate the ground. Even more, TSV had to sell their shares in the stadium to Bayern to salvage their finances.

This is why the club has been trying to flee Allianz Arena for a few years already, but without similar will on the city’s side. Will this time be different? This is what TSV seem to be hoping for as they officially express interest in a plot east of the city, next to Munich’s conference centre and A94 highway. Answer is expected by the end of 2012.

New ground for TSV is envisaged as a 40,000-capacity venue financed privately, mostly by investors associated with Hana Ismaik, Kuwaiti sponsor and associate of the club.