Moscow: Worker falls to his death at Spartak’s stadium

source: IANS; author: michał

Moscow: Worker falls to his death at Spartak’s stadium With more and more works done at significant heights, risk is growing as well. Unfortunately, tragic accident happened at the Tushino construction site in Moscow today.


It’s all too ironic that this kind of news is brought just one day after information about positive outcome of Stroinadzor (construction supervision body) control at Spartak’s future stadium site.

The report said works are going very well and though there were dozens of violations on site, they were minor and referred to working conditions quality for the most part.

It isn’t known whether any of these violations contributed to today’s accident as so far we only know that the worker fell down from a significant height, dying instantly. All circumstances are to be established during an investigation that is ongoing already.

With the concrete structure done in around 80%, more and more tasks require working at heights at the future 40,000-seater. This clip from one of subcontractors on site may give an idea of the difficulty level some works present.