London: Still no decision over Olympic Stadium

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London: Still no decision over Olympic Stadium Though it was expected yesterday, final decision over the 80,000-seater’s legacy is yet to be announced. West Ham is still the most likely bidder, but their solution for bringing fans closer to the pitch will most likely be scrapped, Guardian reports.


London Legacy Development Company met yesterday to further discuss the future of Olympic Stadium. With mayor Boris Johnson in attendance they were expected to reach a decision over the 99-year lease to one of four bidders, but yet again no decision was made.

Now any announcement may not come until December when the LLDC members are to meet over the issue again.

Most probably the ground is to be rebuilt with retractable seating like the one at Stade de France outside Paris. Initially it was planned to be installed at the very construction, but was scrapped with cost inflation just to reappear again now.

This isn’t what West Ham were hoping for as their bid for the stadium included an idea of demountable, temporary seating over the running track that would bring fans closer to the action. It would require two weeks for setting up in July and further two weeks to demount in May every year. And annual cost of these operations might reach 500,000 pounds. With retractable seating the initial cost might be 200 million (along with roof enlargement and other amendments), but future maintenance may prove less costly.