Italy: Roma confirm plans for new stadium

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Italy: Roma confirm plans for new stadium Though supporters would probably prefer actions over words, at least the latter are still reassuring. The club is said to have shortlisted three locations and chosen the architects for their new venue, Associated Press reports.


It’s been over a year since we’ve heard about ‘American plans’ for new stadium in Rome. These followed previous Italian plans for Stadio Sensi which ended with nothing. Will the current idea make a difference for Roma?

Time is running out as the club have prolonged their lease of the outdated Stadio Olimpico only until mid 2015. It seems highly probable that further prolonging may be necessary, but that doesn’t mean plans for new football-specific stadium are put on hold.

AS Roma’s new president James Pallotta is confirmed that a 60,000-seater should be ready in 2016. There are three possible locations mentioned to be shortlisted. The most likely location for the stadium is Tor di Valle, in the south-west of the city. The other options are Gazometro or Ostiense.

What’s more, American architect Dan Meis is said to be the one chosen for the job. His recent works include the Industry City Stadium for Los Angeles or Sports City Stadium in Doha, both planned and awaiting works.