Italy: Lecce supporters launch unique stadium tours

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Italy: Lecce supporters launch unique stadium tours With help from their club and other parties, supporters trust Noi Lecce ran their first “Visit the stadium” initiative last Friday, inviting youngest fans for a visit like no other, informs.


Already two of a series of six “Visit the Stadium” tours took place in Lecce’s Stadio Via del Mare. The project launched by supporters trust Noi Lecce (Us Lecce) aims to bring young players – all around 10 years old – closer to their club by showing the ground from a new perspective.

This isn’t just a stadium tour program like in most cases, this one is more. Children were both allowed to run around on the pitch for a few minutes and visit rooms that aren’t open at all on everyday basis.

But this isn’t all as well, as during the first meeting club striker Jeda welcomed them and Corriere dello Sport journalist Elio Donno showed how post-match press conferences are ran. This kind of insight into a stadium’s operation is very rare. For the second tour similar attractions were prepared, this time with goalkeeper Ugo Gabrieli as the star-guide.