Indonesia: Jakarta to get a modern football stadium

source:; author: michał

Indonesia: Jakarta to get a modern football stadium Thought they already have a large national stadium, the city's largest club should get a ground of their own – claims Governor of Jakarta as he announces a major sports project for the capital.


Governor Joko Widodo today explained that just like Barcelona have their Camp Nou and Real their Santiago Bernabeu, so should Persija get a stadium to be proud of. Of course within proportion as even this Indonesian powerhouse cannot match European top clubs in terms of popularity.

Currently Persija play at Gelora Bung Karno, the country's national stadium that can host 88,000 people. However, the club can only fill it for top games, not on a regular basis. Their previous ground, Stadion Lebak Bulus, was abandoned as it doesn't meet infrastructural criteria. Not mentioning that for most games thousands of people had to remain outside with demand highly exceeding capabilities.

So currently Jakarta can offer Persija either a stadium too big or one too small. This cannot be accepted by Gov. Widodo. “How come a city has a club but not a stadium?” he said at his office on Tuesday. This came along with announcement of a new 1.5 trillion rupiah (almost $160 million) plan for public financing. No specific location of the ground is yet known, just as the capacity.