England: Chief Constable resigns after Hillsborough cover-up accusations

source: Independent.co.uk; author: michał

England: Chief Constable resigns after Hillsborough cover-up accusations It's been years since first public accusations were raised against him, but only now, forced by his superiors, he resigned. Sir Norman Bettison assures he will assist the investigators to prove he didn't work on pushing the blame on fans after Hillsborough disaster.


The tragedy that changed world of football as we know it is causing real chaos after September's report, proving police were indeed trying to hide their own mistakes and create a story that puts all blame on supposed hooligans.

Just at the beginning of the week Independent Police Complaints Commission received a list of 1,444 policemen (307 active) that need to be checked for any participation in what was called 'an orchestrated campaign' to mislead the public.

And on Wednesday first resignation followed. Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, Sir Norman Bettison, was forced to step down by his superiors after numerous accusations put him, then 33-year-old traffic policeman, as part of a cover-up team that was deployed to 'concoct a false story of what happened'.

These accusations, raised for well over a decade, have caused increased interest and this was found as possibly negative to the West Yorkshire Police structures overall, thus forcing Bettison's resignation.

Hillsborough Family Support Group were euphoric after the news as they've been calling on Bettison for some time to resign and to waive his honorific address. Now that he has they've appealed to freeze his pension until any involvement in the cover-up operation is sorted out.

Bettison himself claims the claims of him being part of such team are 'incredible and untrue'. He assured to never have done anything against the Liverpool supporters present at Hillsborough, just as he promised to cooperate with investigators.