Australia: Waiter bringing food to your seat?

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Australia: Waiter bringing food to your seat? Yesterday's Victory-Adelaide game was the first to have waiters delivering meals ordered with smartphone application from the stands. If seen as a success, the service may grow, Herald Sun reveals.


Will Australian A-League become world's first to have waiters serving meals in the stands? An innovative premium service was first tested yesterday during Melbourne Victory – Adelaide United match at Etihad Stadium.

All you need is downloading a free smartphone application delivered by Mastercard, pick a meal, pay with your credit card and wait for the waiter to come to your seat. As a principle, this service wouldn't cost extra, apart from the credit card surcharge.

But it is understood that this kind of service cannot be delivered to all fans. Yesterday it was restricted to 1,000 fans and if decided to expand, it might reach 8,500 people at Etihad Stadium, meaning it would still only reach less than 20% of the ground's capacity.