Wales: Swansea City start work on “hall of fame”

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Wales: Swansea City start work on “hall of fame” Though sounds rather impressive, it is to be quite modest in reality. Names of 100 club legends are to be put on one external piece of wall for public viewing, BBC writes.


So far it was only Robbie James having a tribute on the wall of Liberty Stadium. But before this weekend’s game against Everton this was expanded to “The Robbie James Hall of Fame”.

Under Swansea’s biggest legend (almost 400 games for Swans) further 20 names have been hanged, engraved on decorative plates. As the club is right now celebrating its centenary, the “Hall of Fame” – actually being a wall of fame – is among ways to celebrate the anniversary.

The supporters' trust had got together and come up with a simple criterion for being included. "It doesn't matter how many games they've played, how many goals they've scored, it's just really people who we believe have played a big part in shaping the hundred years of Swansea City”. Candidates will be voted on until 100 are gathered.