USA: Two fans dead in a tragic season opening

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USA: Two fans dead in a tragic season opening New season of American football is just beginning, but not in the way anyone was hoping for. One after another, two accidents took lives of 25- and 20-year-old men who fell down at Reliant Field and Georgia Dome.


Two nights and two deaths – that’s the tragic result of early season games in Houston and Atlanta.

First on Thursday, a 25-year-old fan fell 5 floors down as he was attempting to slide down a railing at Reliant Stadium. As he fell face-down, he died on the spot.

Then yesterday one more fan, this time 20yo, fell behind railings in the upper tier of Georgia Dome. Plunged down 35 feet, he landed on another fan and was quickly taken to hospital. News of his death came a few hours later, as he suffered blunt force trauma injuries.