Sweden: No new punishments against supporters for now

source: DagensJuridik.se; author: michał

Sweden: No new punishments against supporters for now Swedish Attorney General dismissed all proposals submitted by former police commissioner that called for stricter legislation against hooliganism, DagensJuridik.se informs. Sweden retains its rather liberal approach.


All proposals submitted by former Chief Police Commissioner and current National Coordinator for Sports-related Offences Björn Eriksson have been dismissed by Attorney General as either imprecise or stricter than the issues covered require.

Speaking on behalf of her office Deputy Attorney General Kertsin Skarp expressed doubts over need for some of the proposed measures. This includes extending stadium ban duration from 1 year to 3 years and doubling maximum penalty for disobedience from 6 months to 1 year of imprisonment. In her opinion both existing penalties are more adequate and proportionate, while no practical evidence was presented to justify harsher punishment.

Another problematic issue was that of extending a stadium ban to 100-300 meters around a stadium. Where would this put people who shop around or simply live in the vicinity of the stadium? What application for such a rule would be used? Those questions need to be addressed before such a step may be taken.

And finally Attorney General didn’t agree to implement a masking ban which means it would become a punishable offence to hide one’s identity during a game behind a scarf, hat or a different cloth. Despite the idea being clear and aimed at fighting hooligans who try to flee responsibility, it might pose a risk in situations when the masking is interpreted as an offence in itself. A reaction to such an event by police might cause actual violence instead of preventing it.