Discovering new lands!

source:; author: michał Discovering new lands! We can’t afford trips around the World, but thankfully other people have already seen the places we would. Thanks to their photos and information upcoming weeks will see unprecedented pace in adding new countries to our database.


New Lands - coming up!

“Our database counts” – is what one finds first on our website. But the stats don’t cover countries we present stadiums from, so to set things straight, it’s 94. A few years back we wouldn’t have believed we’d have so many states covered, but that doesn’t mean we’re stopping here. Quite the opposite.

Since we’re close to 100, we decided to celebrate it by not only adding the missing 6 nations’ venues, but actually go much, much further and start building presentations for up to 25 countries in just a month. For those of you who haven’t been with us when we were available in Polish only, with our regular growth that would have taken some 2 years. But let’s not waste time, we’ve got a lot more planned this year.

So, 25 new countries it is. We hope you’ll like them, even though some presentations will have only one or a few venues for starters, to be worked on as we grow even more, hopefully with your help. For those interested in checking latest additions, stop by later today for first out of 25 new states!