Singapore: Event plans for new national stadium revealed

source:; author: michał

Singapore: Event plans for new national stadium revealed Focus is on regular, annual events instead of one-off gigs. Football, rugby, cricket, concerts – wide variety planned and presented to corporate clients as skybox sale is launched for the venue.


Sale of suites at Singapore National Stadium was launched earlier this week, with 62 skyboxes available. Highest price for annual rent is $221,000 (€170,000) and future operator of the venue is very hopeful that interest will be high despite this kind of offer being quite new to Singapore’s businesses.

Hopes are based on a supposedly very interesting offer of the venue. ‘Supposedly’ as it is still under construction and almost 2 years ahead of opening. Thus, for now there are only plans, but quite some plans.

First, new 55,000 stadium is to host most important games of Singapore national team. To get more football in, an annual summer tournament is planned with top European sides. Similar events will also be hosted for cricket and rugby. Then of course come concerts, but stadium authorities are aiming at creating as many regular events as possible instead of one-off.