Russia: Gazprom CEO questions Saint Petersburg authorities’ honor

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Russia: Gazprom CEO questions Saint Petersburg authorities’ honor Alexey Miller, Gazprom CEO, is another one to express very harsh criticism over Saint Petersburg’s new stadium project. In his opinion finishing the venue is a matter of honor and it should come before any other public spending.


Quoted by Zenit Saint Petersburg’s official website, CEO of industrial giant Gazprom Alexey Miller questions the ability of municipal authorities to deliver a high quality stadium. Below the very harsh quote published by Zenit:

There are no problems with financing the stadium for Zenit. The city has already received enough financial resources for building ten new modern stadiums. The city has to fulfill its liability: first of all, to finish the current construction project. The city has to honestly fulfill its obligation and build the stadium, and only then finance other city projects. Right now finishing construction of the new stadium for Zenit as soon as possible is a matter of honor for the city administration, stated Miller, whose company also previously had a financial impact on the project.

Miller’s words come just a few days after prime minister Medvedev called the construction “disgraceful” and announced no more grants, just loans for Saint Petersburg.

Delivery of the 69,000-seat stadium is expected no sooner than in 2015 despite construction starting back in 2006. Even more, some estimates give 2017 as a more probable time.

Current contractor’s contract ends in mid-November and according to information it won’t be prolonged any more. Potential bidders to finish the ground are international giants from France, Germany and even Japan – no Russian company was named.