Nigeria: How to ruin the most expensive stadium? That’s easy

source:; author: michał

Nigeria: How to ruin the most expensive stadium? That’s easy Built almost a decade back for almost insane amount of money, Nigerian national stadium has been recently dominated by weeds and wild animals. And that’s no environmental project, that’s extreme negligence.


Construction of “Africa’s best stadium” started in 2000. It was to be expensive, but very impressive and modern at the same time. Designed by Germans, the 60,000-seater has double-tier seating and membrane-cable roof, still an innovative feature ten years ago.

But at what cost? When finished in 2003, it had a price tag of $360 million, putting it among the most expensive venues built in its time.

Abuja StadiumMeanwhile on Thrusday popular website published photos showing current state of the venue that didn’t host any event in months. The ground has been literally abandoned with offices and shops left empty. Or not empty at all as wild animals now became “users” of the ground, with rodents leading the way. Both the pitch and hallways have been covered in various weeds that created a real bush at the venue.

After these revelations were brought to light, Sports Minister himself demanded explanations from sports facilities director and at the same time order for the stadium to be catered for immediately. Works started the very next day and currently weeds are no longer visible inside. However for the national team to return here, pitch will most probably need relaying as its quality has been challenged.