New design: For Manchester City youth

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New design: For Manchester City youth Hundreds of clubs in England alone would die for a stadium like that. Meanwhile at Manchester City this will only be the youth stadium. To be built by mid-2014 next to the older and bigger Etihad Stadium, where older and bigger boys play…


Four independent stands with full cover. 7,000 seats for spectators. Inside offices, restaurant and conference theatre – all overlooking the pitch. On the opposite side of the pitch rooms for players and referees, with significant commercial space also comprised under the same roof.

The new arena is to be built almost right across the street from Etihad Stadium and both these venues will be connected via pedestrian bridge. New 7,000-seater is one of key elements to the City Football Academy that will cover 80 acres (32 hectares) and host 16 full-size football pitches. The stadium plays key role as it will hold new headquarters of MCFC.

Today contract with BAM was signed. This construction giant agreed to deliver City’s complex by mid-2014 with a projected cost of around £100 million. Initial works are already ongoing.

The club constantly repeat that they also hope for local community to benefit as much as possible on the development. 160 people will be employed for construction and 95 for future operations of City Football Academy. Local youth is to play key part in the sport development and 5.5 acres were donated by the club for leisure space, accessible to all residents.