London: West Ham legend hoping to convince fans to Olympic move

source: BBC Radio 5; author: michał

London: West Ham legend hoping to convince fans to Olympic move Sir Geoff Hurst claims during an interview for BBC Radio 5 that there is no better solution for “The Hammers” than to move up the street. He hopes to reach supporters with his message.


Recent months have seen some tension between West Ham United and their fans, some of whom are very skeptical towards a potential move to London Olympic Stadium. Part of the fanbase feels mistreated by the club claiming its got their support without having genuinely asked for their opinion.

Moreover, a survey led by supporters themselves at Upton Park gates showed that support may be far smaller than the club assumes, with only 15% in support of the relocation.

That’s why all help is welcome when it comes to convincing fans to the move. And here comes Sir Geoff Hurst, World Cup winner who spent most of his career at Upton Park. The legendary player, now 70, sees no other way for West Ham to become a top Premier League side.

"We want to move on, we want to be in a bigger stadium with more access, we want to be a top Premiership club.

"With the support we get, which is fantastic, we should be mid-table and above in the Premier League, we don't want to be yo-yoing up and down, as we've been doing.

"And I strongly feel, and I hope I can convince all the West Ham fans that I meet, that is where we've got to go”.

West Ham United are among four contenders to have submitted formal bid for a 99-year takeover of the Olympic Stadium. Newly opened venue that cost a whopping £500 million is to be taken over no sooner than in 2015 as it first needs to be redeveloped to suit the future tenant(s). Most probable makeover will include capacity of 60,000 and lower tier of seating retractable to enable both football and athletics configuration.