Italy: Cagliari with new stadium false-start

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Italy: Cagliari with new stadium false-start They already experienced trouble in late August with their new ground not being prepared for home games. Now Cagliari allowed their fans inside the ground despite negative opinions from local authorities. Game was called off and AS Roma given a walkover.


As we reported in August, Cagliari Calcio of Italian Serie A had to switch grounds ahead of season after not reaching an agreement with local authorities to play further games at Stadio Sant’Elia. The club relocated to nearby Is Arenas, just outside Cagliari.

However, to be ready for spectators the ground was undergoing serious expansion works recently with new stands being built of steel pipes. This temporary kind of structure is apparently not finished yet or so the authorities see it. Ahead of last weekend’s Cagliari – AS Roma fixture the prefecture denied approval for spectators to be allowed inside, calling the structure not finished.

Cagliari had a different view on their new venue and invited season-ticket holders to the game. This was based on the Is Arenas stadium fulfilling all requirements set by both Italian government and league authorities.

Seeing the club’s actions, Cagliari Prefecture and the Italian Football Federation issued a statement confirming the postponement, and possible forfeiture, of the game. In the end it was the latter with Roma being awarded a free 3:0 victory. Moreover, Federal Attorney General will now judge whether club’s decision to allow people inside wasn’t challenging their safety.