France: Lens stadium renamed

source:; author: michał

France: Lens stadium renamed Built almost 80 years ago, Stade Bollaert has just received its second patron, recently deceased mayor André Delelis. From now on it will be known as Stade Bollaert – Delelis.


On September 4 famous Lens mayor André Delelis passed away. He governed the city for over 30 years (1966-1998) and so it wasn't long before proposals to honour him started. One of them was to add Delelis's name to the stadium of RC Lens, which has been approved yesterday by Lens council.

This means the ground now has two patrons, both of whom have played crucial role in its history. Bollaert was the one to initiate construction in the first place, back in early 1930s. Meanwhile Delelis was ordering renovations that allowed the city and stadium to host 1998 World Cup.

Currently the ground awaits further works in the wake of Euro 2016, but it is said the works are still not certain to happen.