England: Norwich examining, but not expanding stadium just yet

source: BBC.co.uk; author: michał

England: Norwich examining, but not expanding stadium just yet Norwich City commissioned a study from the University of East Anglia. They now know that expanding Carrow Road by 7,000 is viable, but not necessarily now, when the team have to establish themselves in the Premier League. BBC report.


Norwich City have studied reports by University of East Anglia who ran their stadium expansion study. As the analysis was private, details are known only to the two parties at this time.

What we do know, is the future size of Carrow Road, which is to grow by some 7,000. This would mean reaching Premier League average of 34-35,000 seats. But first, ‘average’ is what the club need to work on in terms of football. That’s why any expansion won’t happen until Norwich, recently returned to the Prem, establish themselves solidly in the league.

Then cash flow should enable the works that are estimated at some £20 million.

"This independent research project is really important as it deals with facts, such as population growth, and real numbers, such as socio-economic data, and not instinct or intuition," chief executive David McNally wrote during a chat with supporters.