Barcelona: Referendum about Camp Nou’s future?

source:; author: michał

Barcelona: Referendum about Camp Nou’s future? International design competition from 2007 ended with nothing. Announcements from March that a completely new stadium seems to be the best option are also outdated. According to new plans, all shareholders are to have their say before any decision is made, FCB website informs.


It’s already been half a decade since we were all treated to the incredible design competition for a ‘newer Camp Nou’. With almost all of the stadium industry top architects in attendance and Lord Foster’s mosaic chosen as best, the new 106-116,000-seater seemed closer than any other option.

But nothing happened. Then in March this year announcement came that a new 110,000-seat venue in the neighbourhood is currently the more feasible option for FC Barcelona. And... nothing, again.

No decision has been made and none will be in the nearest future. That’s what we heard from director Toni Freixa, while he was announcing the estimations for 2012/13 budget (that is to have a solid €35.9 million surplus). During the next General Assembly of Delegates scheduled for Sept 22 the board of directors is to ask whether delegates find a referendum on Camp Nou’s future as appropriate. If they say yes, then all shareholders of the club (currently in excess of 170,000) will have a say.

What’s on the table? According to news releases almost everything. From leaving the ground untouched, through different options of redevelopment, to the completely new stadium mentioned above. It isn’t clear yet, when the referendum may be heard, if delegates agree.