Barcelona: Referendum about Camp Nou future approved

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Barcelona: Referendum about Camp Nou future approved But still quite distant with vote opening scheduled for 2014 at the earliest. Why so? Before any works start, “Blaugrana” need to reduce their debt. Their spending on a new venue may be in excess of €600 million.


During yesterday’s annual meeting delegates voted in favor of the suggested referendum, set to present the socios opinion on Camp Nou’s future. With 73.38% voting to allow the fans to speak up, also details of the referendum have been outlined.

Voting will last 30 work days and be ran only inside Camp Nou. Ballots will be available for all socios with valid membership who are at least 18 years old. One bad news is that the vote will not start until 2014 in the best case. Worst one will see fans choosing between no works, redevelopment or new stadium as late as in 2016.

Reasining behind this is that Barcelona have to reduce their debt before any work can commence.

As vice-president of the Economic and Strategic Area of the Club, Javier Faus suggested, both the redevelopment of existing Camp Nou and construction of a new stadium will be very costly. First scenario is estimated to require some €300 million, while the second one a massive €600 million.