Warsaw: Legia’s new stadium to have official name on Thursday

source: Gazeta.pl; author: michał

Warsaw: Legia’s new stadium to have official name on Thursday As it came out last year, new ground built in Warsaw for Legia has no official name. That is to change in a few days, when city council is to vote on a new one.


Ever since the ground in Warsaw has been transferred from the Polish Army to Warsaw municipality in 2002, it had no name. This fact was ironically discovered only when Legia signed a naming rights deal with Pepsi to rebrand the venue to Pepsi Arena. But in order not to share any of the 18 million zloty (€4.5m over 3 years), the contract does not call it naming rights, just marketing rights.

For many years the ground at Warsaw’s Łazienkowska St. has been called by supporters and journalists Stadion Wojska Polskiego (Polish Army Stadium) with marshal Józef Piłsudski as patron. When it came out a few months back that there are no official documents confirming any name at all, a scandal broke out with urges to define this issue becoming louder and louder.

And so this Thursday Warsaw city council is to vote on a new name of the venue. Officials suggest it should be called ‘Miejski Stadion Klubu Sportowego Legia im. Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego’. This very long form means exactly “Marshal Józef Piłsudski Municipal Stadium of Sports Club Legia”.

As much as legendary Polish marshal raises no controversy, the phrase “Sports Club Legia” does. There never was and still isn’t any institution called SC Legia. Formerly, when being a military club, they were called CWKS Legia, while since they became a private company, the side are called KP Legia, with KP standing for Football Club.