South Africa: Two arrested for Mbombela Stadium fraud

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South Africa: Two arrested for Mbombela Stadium fraud Two people were arrested in connection to the tender process of Mbombela Stadium, one of 2010 World Cup venues. Fraud, forgery and theft are the charges, informs.


Details of the case are yet to be made public, but it is connected to Mbombela Stadium’s tender process, one that brought massive controversy already in 2009.

Back then Nelspruit Municipality representative Jimmy Mohlala was shot dead in front of his home after having publicly claimed the stadium is subject to corruption from people responsible for this public investment.

Four arrested gunmen were released earlier this year as prosecutors dropped charges, but now it seems the whole case wasn’t dropped at all.

Two people were confirmed to be arrested with at least one more wanted. All will hear charges of fraud, forgery and theft in relation to the stadium.