Poland: New 20,000-seater for Chorzów?

source: Sport.pl / SportSlaski.pl / Niebiescy.pl; author: michał

Poland: New 20,000-seater for Chorzów? A massive 55,000-seat stadium is still under construction, but municipality declares the will to build a new, much smaller one only for the premier league side Ruch Chorzów.


Friday meeting of Chorzów's president with officials of Ruch brought some hope back to the side currently playing at dilapidating Cicha stadium. City declares new 20,000-seater to replace the current venue by 2018.

During the meeting three concepts were discusses, each with with similar capacity, but different commercial facilities that may prove helpful in sustaining it when built. No cost estimations or renderings yet, though.

Chorzów are said to start consultations with more meetings like the Friday one to follow soon with municipal sports authority MOSiR, the premier league body Ekstraklasa and Polish FA – PZPN.

This news may have raised some eyebrows as plans to build a new ground (with 12 / 15 / 18,000 being the options) were being presented several times in past few years with no outcome at all. There also remains the issue of Stadion Śląski (or Silesian Stadium), one of Poland's largest venues that is currently under reconstruction, but works are halted due to deadlock after roof accident last year.