Perth: New 60,000-seater accessible almost only by public transport

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Perth: New 60,000-seater accessible almost only by public transport State Government released master plan for new stadium in Perth. After years of preparations the city is again closer to having their desired 60,000-seater built. One catch is that the leisure centre will be accessible almost only by public transport, ABC News reports.


Initial renderings had been released back in 2007, when Perth announced the plan to build a 60,000 stadium, with retractable lower tier stands and potential to expand to 80,000. Since then not much has changed visually, as there is still no final design, but apart from that very little remains untouched.

After several locations being taken into account it is now certain the ground will be built in Burswood, just east of central Perth, on the riverside. What is also known is absolutely no commercial infrastructure is planned at the site – only the stadium and extensive leisure centre.

But perhaps most distinctive is the idea that 80% of visitors are to come by public transport on event days as there will be very little parking space. That means public communication system has to handle roughly 50,000 people. And the State Government plans to have all of them served within an hour after events finish.

To achieve that adjacent railway station will be expanded to have three platforms and ability to deliver 28,000 passengers within the desired time. Apart from that two high frequency bus routes are to be established. Existing bridge nearby will grow to get greater capacity and a pedestrian bridge is to be built south to it.

Overall the stadium is to cost some $700m with the extra infrastructure adding an extra $300m to the budget. Construction is expected to start in mid-2013, while first games should be held here in 2018.

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