New stadiums: Sankt Pölten and Wolfsberg

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New stadiums: Sankt Pölten and Wolfsberg Newest and freshiest stadium in Austria, NV Arena in St. Poelten, comes along with country's Bundesliga latest addition – Lavanttal Arena. Enjoy!


NV Arena

NV ArenaFot:

In 2006 the financing plan has been approved, splitting the total cost of €25.7m between Austrian government and the authorities of Niederösterreich region. A year later the concept was created by renowned architects agn and in 2009 Alpine Bau has been chosen to carry out the project. Construction started in March 2011 and ended within schedule, in June 2012.

The ground can hold 8,000 people at the moment, but may be expanded (corners and open space between stands and roof) to some 13,000 if need be. To make it ecological, the ground is very energy-efficient, roof supports are wooden and the roof surface is covered in 15,000 sqm of photovoltaic panels.

Official opening took place on July 7th 2012.



Located in small, but pictoresque Wolfsberg, this ground was built back in 1984 with modest stands around the pitch and running track. Today it looks much more impressive thanks to the redeveloped main grandstand with impressive wooden structure and extensive infrastructure for various uses – with conference and hospitality being an important non-matchday use.

Official capacity stands at 7,300 people, but of that number only 2,000 have individual seats and cover.