New stadiums: Offenbach, Cologne

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New stadiums: Offenbach, Cologne Germany's newest stadium – hard to believe it's not even in the 2nd league right now. But while Offenbach just opened its new arena, Cologne also has one ground that's very impressive – taking into account it's only used by amateur club.



Sparda Bank Hessen Stadion

Commonly it's still referred to as Der Berg or Bieberer Berg, like its predecessor had been for 80 years. However for commercial reasons first decade of the new stadium built at the same spot is Sparda-Bank-Hessen-Stadion.

Four independent stands were designed by Bremer AG, company known for simple and cheap stadia. And indeed, this one was built in just over a year with complete expense at just €27m. This was still enough to provide commercial spaces for rent as well as 3,800 sqm of photovoltaic panels on the roof.

The 20,000 stadium can be expanded by nearly 50% if there is demand, thanks to space left in corners and between stands and roof. This number obviously includes massive terracing and despite this being common in Germany, this venue is unique in a way by having terraces right opposite the main grandstand, not behind goals.

Sportpark Höhenberg

Sportpark Hohenberg

Though Cologne has its great stadium of the 2006 World Cup, this one also has its share of fame. During 2005 Confederations Cup it was used for training by several participants and supporters and commentators often call it one of the best stadiums used by amateur teams.

Indeed, if an amateur team uses a 10,000-people stadium and it has a roof like this one, has to be a memorable venue. Since May 2012 it also has floodlights that were installed for the first time since its opening 70 years before. Despite its advantages it still has only low terraces to offer for most fans as there are only 3,000 covered seats.