New construction: Another great project for Iraq

source:; author: michał

New construction: Another great project for Iraq Though still associated mostly with unstable situation, Iraq is becoming one of the world's largest construction sites. This time we take a look into Najaf's new stadium that is just now starting to grow out of the ground.


Ministry of Youth and Sport commissioned one more stadium design and once more after stadia in Basra it's 360 Architecture from Kansas City on the job. Starting today we'll be bringing you updates on the new one in Najaf, Iraq's holy city.

Al Najaf with its 1 million population hasn't got any decent sport venues at this point, so the new 30,000-seater seems like a much needed investment, especially taking into account how popular football is in Iraq.

The stadium enclosed in rectangular form is to cost IQD 100.5 bln (some $ 86 m). We are yet to establish whether it is built in football-only mode or with a running track as both these configurations were presented. Early construction photos suggest it's the first case, but as you may check yourselves, they are indeed very early. Construction is ongoing since May and will end in late November 2013.