Milan: New stadium for Inter by 2017?

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Milan: New stadium for Inter by 2017? The club has been seeking for refuge from overwhelming San Siro for several years now and it seems they’ve found it. Inter announced yesterday night that their new co-owner from China will build a new 60,000-seater in 2017.


Not long before midnight yesterday an official statement appeared on Inter’s official website, informing about club shares (15%) of the Moratti family being bought by China Railway Construction Corp.

This step wasn’t an anticipated one neither in Europe nor in China, James Chung of Shanghai-based Masterlink Securities claims. It’s out of the blue. It has nothing to do with their core business and I have no idea why they’ve done this.

Inter hasn’t disclosed the fee for its shares, but it is understood to be app. €500m ($611m). CRCC also bought club’s debt and announced it will erect the club’s new stadium for 60,000 people with opening game some time in 2017. This means a significant decrease in capacity since previous plans to flee San Siro and build an equal 80,000-seater to compete with AC Milan.

Apart from capacity and opening year not much is known of the new venue yet. Inter announced they are to work closely with new partners to establish an optimum location for the arena.

Or at least officially. Off the record two Inter spokespeople told “Bloomberg Businessweek” that most probably the ground will stand some 2,5km (1,5 mile) from San Siro, at the 2016 Expo plots. If so, it may be ready even sooner than announced with the club hoping to open it for the exposition in 2016.