Glasgow: Rangers set all-time record for a fourth league match!

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Glasgow: Rangers set all-time record for a fourth league match! Not only Scotland, but the whole world hasn’t seen anything like this. Lowest division game brought almost 50,000 people inside Ibrox to set a record seeming unbeatable for decades to come.


Just as a reminder, Glasgow Rangers have just started their 4th league season after having been relegated due to dramatic financial situation. The club has been struggling with a £166m debt for several years, but decision to drop them 3 tiers down still caused massive disbelief.

What does a league without Rangers mean and how would Rangers play in the lowest possible division? Supporters had a nightmare coming true, but this is still better than the club folding completely, which was said to also be on the table.

Thus, no wonder Rangers following decided to stand tall and their Ibrox opener of the 2012/13 season has seen a sell-out crowd (!) of 49,118 people. As it turns out, that’s the largest audience to ever watch any 4th league game worldwide. Previous record from 1961 was a lot smaller with 37,774 people watching Crystal Palace fight Millwall in London derby match.

And speaking of derbies, this season Rangers will still be treated to this kind of rivalry. Except Celtic will now be replaced by Queens Park who, ironically, have the largest stadium in Scotland (tenants at Hampden Park).

And it seems Rangers can count on their fans throughout the season as the club writes of crowds flocking their ticket office for both single-match and season tickets. Not even mentioning the display by ultras group Union Bears during the East Stirlingshire game saying “We’ve weathered the storm, now it’s our time to shine!”.