England: 3rd Non-League Day kicks off

source: NonLeagueDay.co.uk; author: michał

England: 3rd Non-League Day kicks off Top leagues come to a stop for international weekend. No football to watch? Wrong! Non-League Day promotes small clubs that need support, but are overshadowed by the big firms on most weekends.


It started back in mid-2010 with James Doe, fan of QPR and Harrow Borough, realizing that there’s a way of helping smaller sides like his second love. And a very effective way, as his idea was quickly noticed in most important English media, to start with BBC, Guardian or Sky Sports.

This is how it works. Organizers choose one Autumn weekend when top clubs aren’t playing due to FIFA’s international matches. This year it’s October 13th, one day after England most probably beats San Marino. No Premier League, no Championship, only lower divisions. Organizers already launched a map of non-league fixtures (below 4th tier) which is supposed to be updated when getting closer to the Non-League Day. This way anyone can check the closest small-club game and try some alternative football. Not as great as world’s best players show, but surely passionate.

“Given the current financial climate, clubs outside the Football League need all the support they can get, so your presence at a game will be genuinely appreciated. With tickets and refreshments at a fraction of the cost, what's stopping you?" – asks James, Non-League Day’s father.