Emirates: All stadia in Dubai to get air conditioning

source: AlArabiya.net; author: michał

Emirates: All stadia in Dubai to get air conditioning None of six league grounds protects viewers from heat right now, but that is to change. First Zabeel Stadium will be redeveloped, then it’s time for the rest, Al Arabiya News informs.


Al-Wasl club became famous when they hired Diego Maradona as manager. Now they are the first club in United Arab Emirates to receive air conditioning at their Zabeel Stadium.

National press agency of the Emirates informs that capacity is to rise to 25,000 with new corporate and media facilities. But not only those premium seats will have air conditioning – all fans are to be protected from the extreme heat that may rise up to 50 C.

This will be a major improvement as currently most viewers don’t even have a roof over their heads, which may be the cause of appalling attendances in Dubai.

When Zabeel Stadium is redone, remaining 5 league venues in the city (4 premier league ones and one from the 2nd tier) are to have similar makeovers.