Doncaster: Rovers took over at Keepmoat Stadium

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Doncaster: Rovers took over at Keepmoat Stadium The ground was a debt-producing machine under municipal management. Will the football side change things round? Rovers are hoping to make the most of it while the city is glad to get one problem of their back, BBC informs.


The £32-million new stadium in Doncaster was opened in 2007. Planned to become a community ground, it has become a real nightmare to manage with municipal Stadium Management Company generating loss of some £300,000 per year.

By March 2012 the stadium management company had lost over £2m.

This being a burden in public expenses, both sides seems satisfied when Doncaster Rovers FC announced they’re willing to take over a few months back. This week the club finalized its plan and now has a 99-year lease of the venue and autonomy in management. Doncaster on the other hand has one problem less.

There are many things that we intend to change to bring the Keepmoat Stadium back into the heart of the local community and to make sports fans truly feel it is their home, said Gavin Baldwin, chief executive of Doncaster Rovers.