Sweden: Fanatics chose their sides of Tele2 Arena

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Sweden: Fanatics chose their sides of Tele2 Arena Djurgården’s most vibrant supporters announced their location at the new Tele2 Arena. And since they’re sharing the venue with local rivals Hammarby, there will be two hearts for support at the ground.


Four official representations of Djurgården IF supporters have signed a statement about future location of the club’s most fanatical support at Tele2 Arena.

Interestingly, they were indeed asked about preferences by the investor (Stockholm Globe Arenas) and the club. As the future operator, SGA assured them any section may be equipped with standing places, but upper tier would not increase capacity if such a move was planned (usually such conversion gives room for up to 50% more people), because of safety concerns.

For this reason DIF supporters decided that taking the south stand’s lower tier would be their best option. This means 3,700 regular capacity on lower terracing and additional room on the upper ring for hit games that attract more support.

It’s no secret though, that their decision may have been determined by local rivals Hammarby whose loudest supporters are to take control over lower sections of the north-western corner and northern stand. Thus, both decisions create a rather usual layout for stadia shared by derby rivals.

The supposed locations of both teams’ fanatics have already been included in official virtual renderings, screenshot of which you may see below and original 360 panorama may be found at Tele2 Arena’s official website.

Młyn Djurgarden IF

Młyn Hammarby IF