Poznan: Only football this year

source: GlosWielkopolski.pl; author: michał

Poznan: Only football this year As Euro 2012 ended, venue operators cross Poland and Ukraine present their plans for upcoming events. In Poznan no events apart from football games are to be hosted this year as Lech plan to make their way to Europa League and fill the calendar themselves.


Surely no concerts and other events using the pitch won’t be organised this year, Lech Poznan press officer Joanna Dzios assures. Our main objective is entering Europa League group stage. If we accomplish that, we’ll fill the calendar only with football.

But it’s not only hope for international success that’s motivating Lech, the stadium operator. It’s also the pitch – due to erroneous design of the ground turf doesn’t receive much sunlight and ventilation. For this reason any mass event on the delicate pitch might effectively ruin it.

In upcoming months Lech plans to launch social consultations as to future use of the stadium. Though a similar process was already conducted in 2009, the club hope to get people engaged in discussing their hopes and fears.