Poland: Record-breaking volleyball game for Stadion Narodowy?

source: Fakt.pl; author: michał

Poland: Record-breaking volleyball game for Stadion Narodowy? With its closed roof it's among the largest arenas in the World. So why not host a volleyball game? - Polish Volleyball Association asks. They plan to do one with all revenue given to the players if Poland bring a medal from London Olympics.


Polish Volleyball Association (PZPS) has been examining the possibility of hosting a prestigious match of the national team at a 50,000-seater for quite some time. Several years back Stadion Śląski was rumored to be the desired location as the only venue of such capacity in Poland. Since the new National Stadium came, though, no other option is taken into account but to host it in Warsaw.

No details were known for months, but finally the president of PZPS announced a friendly international may come in September 2012. If our players get a medal in London, in September we'll organize a match in Stadion Narodowy with the team they fought for the medal. As a rematch for the Olympics, Mirosław Przedpełski declared.

The game is to be a reward for the players as well, since all revenue would be given directly to them.

According to Polish newspaper “Fakt”, this game might break an attendance record as to date no volleyball match ever attracted a crowd nearing or even exceeding 60,000 (depending on configuration).

However our reader presented us with proof that in 1983 Maracana has seen a 90,000-crowd for a Brazil-USSR game, thus making September's encounter only a possible European and Polish record.

Polish team always play to sell-out crowds and a medal would certainly further increase their popularity, making a capacity crowd at Narodowy possible.