New stadiums: Vietnamese trio

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New stadiums: Vietnamese trio Today we decided to take you on an exotic trip to Vietnam. Football is only just blooming there, but only infrastructure-wise. In terms of passion no other discipline can match this one!


Thong Nhat Stadium

Thong Nhat StadiumFot:

One of the most important venues in Vietnam, witness not only of great games, like the one against Korea in 1963, watched by record crowd of 30,000 people. Just two years later it was the place of Vietcong terrorist attack that killed 11 people and one more year later, in 1966, Vietnam celebrated their trophy win in regional Merdeka Cup. The trophy was left at the stadium, but has been stolen during the Vietnam war.

Current capacity stands at 25,000, but since only the main grandstand has seats (also being the only covered section), the number isn’t precise.

Hang Day Stadium

Hang Day StadiumFot:

With capacity of 22,500 people and double-tiered stands the stadium served as the most frequently used and in fact national one until 2003, when My Dinh Stadium was opened in another part of Hanoi. Its centralised location still makes it largely popular among local football sides. Four of V-League’s sides play here on day-to-day basis and there were even more, but one had been dissolved.

Belonging to the government, the ground was renamed as Hanoi Stadium in 2000, but as the name wasn’t accepted widely, previous one was restored in 2005.

Go Dau Stadium

Go Dau StadiumFot:

Located in southern Provence of Binh Duong the stadium is used by a club that beares the province’s name. Binh Duong FC is also one of few clubs in Vietnam that own their stadiums.

Do Dau Stadium stands just along the main avenue of Thu Dau Mot (near the capital, Ho Chi Minh). Despite having elliptical shape it has four separate stands of which only the main one (western) has both seats and partial cover.