Madrid: Fly Emirates Bernabeu? Record naming rights offer

source:; author: michał

Madrid: Fly Emirates Bernabeu? Record naming rights offer Astonishing proposal by Dubai-based airlines is on the table. But will Real sell their stadium name for the first time? Fanbase of the club seems to be boiling after reading revelations of


Fly Emirates is a well-known player in naming rights, having already set a record with Arsenal Emirates Stadium deal. And though most clubs can still only dream of this kind of offer, Real Madrid got a more generous one for their stadium’s name.

As reveals the club is to receive €53m per year (!) if they agree to rename their venue to “Fly Emirates Bernabeu”.

Even though replacing the legendary player/president’s name is out of question, preceding it with sponsored phrase raises huge doubts among Real supporters. And no decision should be made without their approval as Real is based on socios who need to accept this kind of deal.

The club already has a contract with Emirates to promote the Dubai airlines on their jerseys for the next 5 seasons. Will the stadium also get similar branding?