London: Police lost keys to Wembley

source:; author: michał

London: Police lost keys to Wembley After safety check of the national stadium policemen realized one set of keys is missing. Search supposedly didn't help, forcing organisers to replace some locks.


Metropolitan Police informs that a set of keys opening internal locks at Wembley was reported missing on the morning of July 24th. As search for the missing set showed no results, some of the internal locks had to be replaced immediately not to compromise safety within the ground.

Scotland Yard confirm that there is no security threat. The case is not analysed as a potential criminal issue.

Unofficial reports claim the keys were found later behind one of the sofas in hospitality at Wembley, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Wembley is one of six stadiums hosting the men's and women's football tournaments during the Games. Both gold medal matches will be played at Wembley in the closing days of the Games.