London: Olympics opening countdown

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London: Olympics opening countdown Just a few hours left until the ceremony that is to start in London at 9pm (GMT). Expected to last well over 2 hours, the event… has already been seen by thousands of people.


English media have been feeding their viewers with short clips for a couple of days now, but the whole event, despite couple hundred rehearsals, hasn’t leaked out with authorities being very fast in removing any clips or photos published without consent.

And all of the 60,000 people who saw Wednesday’s dress rehearsal at the Olympic Stadium have been strictly forbidden to upload any materials by the director Danny Boyle himself.

So to date we can only say that the ceremony that cost some £27m to prepare (organizers stress that it’s not even half of what Beijing spent on theirs) will last well over 2 hours. Theming will obviously focus on the United Kingdom with special attention given to landscaping and traditions, literature (numerous variations about Shakespeare) and popular culture (Paul McCartney doing a sing-along). Of course all that with massive light and firework displays.

Londoners have been given a couple of opportunities to see it already with two large rehearsals opened to the public this week. First one on Monday saw organizers facing big problems with traffic, but the second, that attracted a massive 60,000 crowd, went better.

Still, we cannot show you even short previews of what may be expected tonight as organizers are monitoring the web constantly and immediately removing any content that may give a glimpse on what is to happen tonight. So, we can only invite everyone to sit back and relax until it all happens. And when it does, we hope you’ll all enjoy it!