London: Four bidders left for Olympic Stadium. Again

source:; author: michał

London: Four bidders left for Olympic Stadium. Again Though the tender was prolonged by 8 weeks, number of interested bidders hasn’t increased. Only 4 companies expressed the will to take over, among them West Ham United, Burnley FC and Leyton Orient. 8 weeks wasted?


In May it was announced that bidding procedure for the Olympic Stadium takeover will be prolonged by 8 weeks as many of 16 institutions that were interested, didn’t submit their bids within previous deadline. Supposedly they were discouraged by unclear regulations.

However as the postponed deadline passed this week, final outcome turned out to be exactly the same. Still only 4 bidders filed their offers. Among those are West Ham United and Leyton Orient. Though the latter club admitted they are interested in a ground share with WHU, they filed a separate bid. Remaining two are Intelligent Transport Services (ITS) with Formula One as well as University College of Football Business (UCFB) with Burnley FC.

Though deadlock on choosing future tenants already lasts for almost a year, no official timeline for LLDC decision has been announced. It is understood all four bids need to be evaluated in order to avoid lawsuits like the one that led to initial bidding procedure being  cancelled.