London: Famous roof over Craven Cottage being changed

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London: Famous roof over Craven Cottage being changed While no football is played currently, Fulham are making use of spare time and changing the roof over the world's oldest and maybe most iconic stand. Should be ready by next season.


Johhny Haynes Stand is the most distinctive element of Craven Cottage. It even earned the name of “The Old Lady” of football stands due to its history and climate.

Built back in 1905 with monumental façade and wooden structure. Even seats today resemble those designed by Archibald Leitch back in early 1900's. And since it's been almost untouched by progress over the years, it's a listed building, protected legally.

It cannot change it form, but old elements may be replaced by new ones if need be. Thus the new roof cover that will be identical with the previous, only a bit brighter. Until time makes it fade a bit, that is.

As Fulham reported several months back, Craven Cottage is to change in the upcoming years, but only from the riverside, where a new stand is to be built. The historical stand on the opposite side will retain as is.