Liverpool: Decision on stadium future delayed again

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Liverpool: Decision on stadium future delayed again Liverpool FC didn’t meet the July deadline for decision whether they stay at Anfield or move to Stanley Park. But since no more deadlines were set, “Liverpool Echo” suggests news may come shortly.


Liverpool council had given the club a July deadline in the hope of ending months of uncertainty over owner John W Henry’s plans for the club's stadium requirements. But no decision was made so far, continuing the long wait LFC fans and local residents are having.

Today Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson said: We are in regular meetings with Liverpool FC and we are working with the club.

It’s frustrating for the local residents, and they are my main concern. We are pushing for a speedy resolution to the issue of whether the club stays at Anfield or goes to Stanley Park, but we are encouraged by the discussions.

It is understood Henry is leaning towards remaining at Anfield with redevelopment to two of the stands. However the club are still waiting to confirm that.

Earlier Liverpool city authorities announced some houses are due for demolition near Anfield, but it is stressed this decision is not motivated by LFC’s possible redevelopment, which – coincidently – needs those homes dismantled and residents moved.