Enschede: Contractor's rush caused the tragedy?

source: gemeente-rijssen-holten.nl; author: michał

Enschede: Contractor's rush caused the tragedy? Misconduct by the contractor has been declared main cause of last year’s tragedy which took the lives of two workers. Research Council analyzing the accident claims rush to meet deadline caused lack of safety.


Reaserch Council for Safety presented the results of their examination. For several months they had been looking into the tragic accident from July 7th 2011, when roof over northern stand of De Grolsch Veste collapsed. Two people have died and 9 more were injured.

The roof structure that was to hold some 43 tons (35t of cover and 8-ton giant screen) wasn’t stable in early July last year and yet contractors started installing both the screen and roof cover.

Even more, to facilitate the works they removed some elements that were securing the overall structure – steel ropes and bars, which caused the accident.

According to the Council Twente as client has also set a timeframe too tight to operate in, causing the rush of contractors who were doing several phases in one time. Though not responsible for the drama, Twente has been advised to present more realistic deadline when they continue with stadium expansion plans.