England: Brentford FC to build a new stadium

source: BBC.co.uk; author: michał

England: Brentford FC to build a new stadium Yet another London-based club is planning to relocate. And it may turn out that Brentford FC will do it faster than Chelsea, Tottenham, West Ham, Leyton Orient or QPR...


As the BBC reports, Brentford FC have one thing most of the above don’t – land. “The Bees” bought a sufficient plot last week and hope to move into the new 15,000 capacity venue in mid-2016, in time for 2016/17 season.

As chief executive Mark Devlin says, Griffin Park is an atmospheric stadium that is dear to all fans' hearts. But it does not provide us with the opportunities to create a football club as a business that could sustain itself at a higher level.

Indeed, the venue with a pub in each corner is known among many English supporters, but today is far from perfect, especially with other clubs planning redevelopments and moves. Still, getting BFC supporters convinced remains one of the main objectives, just as planning and then project management.

The club is willing to share its new home as long as the partner would be a rugby side.